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Learning Options*Open Portal (LO*OP) Center Inc.

LO*OP Center Inc. is a nonprofit corporation based in Guerneville, California that provides educational products, services, consulting, research and technical resources relating to child and adult learning, history and future of computing in learning and education, intercultural communications and disaster readiness, response and recovery. The LO*OP Center was founded by Liza Loop in 1975.

LO*OP Center’s Mission is to empower people to meet the opportunities and challenges posed by technological change and by cultural diversity through education. We believe that human beings must engage in thoughtful development of their own societies, sciences, and selves. Through learning we can create a society without losers, a sustainable ecology and a population of people who respect and cherish diversity on Earth.

What differentiates LO*OP Center Inc. from other nonprofits?
Our capacity to stay on the cutting edge of new social and technical innovations for 50 Years.